many ways to earn money

Street sellers in Indonesia are very creative to create some stuff to sell out. In my thought, they really fast to catch customer’s needs and demands. Just like my experienced when I gone to Surabaya using train in economic class.

Like usual in economic class train, the seller always made cabin being crowded with their noisy voices. After the Purwokerto train station, there was a seller that grabbed my attention; he offered a kind service to recharge the cellular phone battery. Paying for Rp. 3000, passenger could recharge their cell phone battery for approximately 15 minutes. You just need to release your battery from the phone, and then the battery will be pinch to the electronic device which connected to the accumulator. So the customers did not to worry to loose their cell phone, because the device doesn’t need the cell phone during the process like usually way to recharge the battery.

Low battery conditions sometimes can be avoidable, especially when you go on the far distance using land public transportation. Some experts said, like I heard on television, although communication technology developed much fast, the battery technology is not reach satisfying development yet. The battery capacity still becomes a boundary when during mobile communication, due to its capability to keep the energy.

15 minutes maybe still not enough to make your cell phone battery fully recharge, but with that kind of service offered, it hopes able to overcome the technology boundary.


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